Using Avatars to ask questions, and AI to evaluate impact

Designed to ask questions in every language, anywhere in the world.
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Understanding your data is impactful

Sometimes its not about asking, but listening. We combine traditional survey techniques with AI superpowers to give all your clients a voice.

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Any environment, any language

Our survey application extends your reach

Choose your Avatar
Select from a wide range of avatars, with all ethnicities included, to introduce your survey and ask questions on your behalf.
Build your Survey
Build the survey that works for you. Mix and match anonymised video and voice questions with traditional multiple-choice.
Localise your tool
Choose the right language and accent. Make sure your Avatar and Survey are as local as your work is.
Deploy anywhere
Distribute your Survey by hand, by email, or even by text. We even support resume, and offline use for remote, and low connectivity environments.
Survey reproducibly
Your avatar always uses the same friendly tone and always sticks to the script, helping you to eliminate biases and improve reproducibility.
Get answers quickly
Once your survey is complete, your written report including analysis, verbatims and visualisations will be generated by our AI platform. application

Our analysis platform gives you answers, not anecdotes

Our AI is like a team of researchers. First it will summarise your data through written descriptions, visualisations and categorisation, then it is ready for trend analysis. No data scientists required.

Draw out complex understanding from your data

Results from across questions are linked to generate insight and understand trends in a reproducible manner. Finally, receive reports in a shareable, standardised written format. application

Case studies

Our platform is in early access

Get early access to our Survey application and Analysis platform and start understanding your clients better.

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